Parking Policy

Tenant hereby acknowledges his obligation to maintain his vehicle(s) in a proper state of repair, both mechanical and body, or remove vehicle(s) promptly from Community property at request of Landlord. Parking and/or Garage accommodations are not included in this rental, and if provided and available, the same shall be provided solely as an accommodation to the Tenant. It is therefore agreed between the parties hereto that Tenant’s use of any parking space in said community, if available, shall be at Tenant’s sole risk, and any employee of Landlord who shall move or handle Tenant’s automobile or any article or package therein at the request of Tenant or any member of Tenant’s family, or guest, shall be deemed to be the agent of Tenant, and not the agent of Landlord, for such purpose. No buses, trucks, trailers, boats, motorcycles, or commercial vehicles, shall be parked on the parking lot or driveways without the prior written consent of the Landlord. Parking and/or driving on grass, or the placement of any type vehicle on a patio is expressly prohibited. The parking lot is reserved for use only by properly tagged, functioning and authorized motor vehicles, which belong to Tenants. In no event shall Tenants allow motor vehicles to be brought into the demised premises or to be stored in or about the patios and balconies of same. If Tenant shall use any parking area on Landlord’s property for the storage or parking of his automobile or any other vehicle, Tenant agrees to remove such vehicle from said parking space promptly at the request of Landlord and/or upon the expiration or termination of his tenancy. If Tenant shall fail to do so, Tenant agrees to pay Landlord at the rate of thirty-five ($35) dollars per day for the use of said parking area, or Landlord at its option may have said vehicle towed away and stored at Tenant’s expense. Tenant does hereby further irrevocably constitute and appoint Landlord as his attorney-in-fact to remove any vehicle parked in violation of this agreement and to store the same, at the cost and expense of Tenant, in such place or places as Landlord, in its sole discretion may deem proper, or to dispose of said vehicle in such other manner as Landlord, in its sole discretion, may deem proper. And, in either of said events, Tenant does hereby release any rights or claims he may have against Landlord or Landlord’s agents for the storage, disposal or removal of said vehicle or for any damages he may claim as a result thereof.

Amenity – Commercial Parking

$75/mo (we have designated area for commercial vehicles)

  • Be a current leaseholder
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • If the vehicle is a work vehicle, you must show a letter from your employer on company letterhead that you are authorized to drive the vehicle
  • Must be current on rental payments