Swimming Pool Policy

The following rules have been adopted to promote our residents’ health, safety, and welfare. Adherence to these Rules will enable all residents to enjoy the pool and the pool deck this summer. These rules are for the Swimming Pool Area, which includes all amenities inside the pool gate’s confines. Management reserves the right to set and update rules concerning pool usage, attire, and personal conduct.

Pool Access

Access rights will be applied to Residents ONLY upon returning a signed copy of the Swimming Pool Rules sheet to the main office with the signatures of all Leaseholders in their apartment. Residents are held responsible for the adherence to pool and property regulations. Violation of pool regulations may result in the cancellation of pool privileges. Pool total occupancy must not exceed posted limits. Management may ask pool users to leave or deny additional users if over-occupancy issues occur.

Use Of Swimming Pool

Any person using the Swimming Pool and Swimming Pool Area facilities does so at their own risk. Management and Ownership does not assume responsibility for any accidents or injury with such use.

Safety & Personal Conduct Rules

  • No Diving
  • No pets of any kind in the Swimming Pool Area will be allowed
  • No running, diving, or pushing – No horseplay
  • No glass containers in Swimming Pool Area
  • Swimmers must wear appropriate attire in Pool
  • No dress shoes on the pool deck
  • No foul or abusive language allowed

Lifeguards/Pool Attendant

If the Pool has a lifeguard on duty, the lifeguards serve solely under the direction of the pool managers, head lifeguards, or the Community Manager. All lifeguards are trained to provide for pool users’ health, safety, and welfare. Pools with no lifeguard on duty may have a pool attendant who serves under the Community Manager’s sole direction. Pool Managers, head lifeguards, Community Managers, Pool attendants, or anyone temporarily designated by Management may require any Resident or other person to leave the Pool for failure to comply with these Swimming Pool Rules. They may bar further admittance by such persons.

Days & Hours Of Operation

The pool hours of operations will be:

Tuesday – Thursday: 12 pm – 8 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 11 am – 7 pm

between Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.